Barcelona boss says ‘difficult’ to save 2020 Monaco GP

Joan Fontsere
Joan Fontsere

(GMM) Barcelona circuit boss Joan Fontsere admits that May's Spanish GP will almost certainly not happen.

Although only Australia, Bahrain, Vietnam and China have been postponed officially, F1 has admitted that the races in May are also unlikely to take place.

"Our postponement is basically set," Fonsere told El Mundo Deportivo newspaper.

"F1 is looking to start the season at the end of May and our date was May 10."

However, he said he is confident the Spanish race date can be scheduled for later in the season.

"A big factor is logistics," said Fontsere. "Where are the teams? In Europe.

"I think they will try to save the championship with a minimum number of races and from there try to fit in as many of the most plausible ones as possible."

But he said it will be difficult for street circuits to be among those plausible venues.

"If you change the date for a city race, you kill it," said Fontsere. "Monaco? It will be difficult."

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