F1 Silly Season analysis

Alonso back to Renault with Adrian Newey?
Alonso back to Renault with Adrian Newey?

Leclerc to Ferrari makes sense both in that he will back up Vettel, as Kimi is doing, albeit at a much cheaper rate and be Ferrari's continued investment in the future. . He also has looked pretty good in the not-so-good Sauber. And he's from Ferrari's development program and has not been flustered during his first year in F1.

Could Kimi then be placed in the Sauber-Alfa Romeo? Could help sell Alfa Romeo cars as he is allegedly one of the most popular drivers. The sport wouldn't be smart to dump a popular driver.

We think Riccardo stays with RBR but squeezes the $20m McLaren is said to offer out of RBR. A 2-year deal gives him an out if Honda doesn't get it right and lots of spending cash. Vettel will publicly say he is not worried about Danny Ric but we don't see Riccardo going to Ferrari as the undercard for Vettel.

As AutoRacing1 has correctly stated for years, Mercedes s the best car and that is where Hamilton will end up. He's not gonna retire at the top of his game. He isn't Nico Rosberg. The "retirement" talk is, IMO, about squeezing more cash or concessions out of Toto Wolff. He has the rest of his life to do music and film and other interests. He wont walk away from that which he is the best at and making $40m/yr. Mercedes will keep Bottas because Lewis is most comfortable with him as a No. 2.

So this brings us to the rumors that McLaren offered $20mil to Riccardo. Riccardo would have to know something pretty interesting to do this. What do we know about McLaren and who are they hiring to build a great car? Probably nobody. But it is interesting that McLaren is apparently looking for a top gun for Alonso's seat. It is also interesting, and perhaps connected with the rumors Adrian Newey may be leaving RBR for Renault. May we be looking at the beginnings of a very expensive reunion between Alonso and Renault in a Newey designed car as Alonso's last gasp at winning again in Formula 1?

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