We drive the Ram 1500 Limited Tungsten

Dodge Ram 1500
Dodge Ram 1500

If you are in the market for a full-size half ton pickup, there are basically five choices. Everyone has their favorites for whatever reason. One of our favorites is the Ram 1500 and while nobody has the perfect truck, the Ram has several nice features that set it apart.

Our truck was the top of the line Limited model with the Hemi V8 gasoline engine. Trucks are like jewelry these days so manufacturers keep coming out with special models with special colors and features. The Limited package gives you special monochromatic paintwork, special wheels and a ton of standard features.

If you like luxury, the Limited is made for you. The Limited comes with rear view camera, tow package, keyless entry, spray in bedliner, locking tailgate, navigation with a huge 8.4-inch display, 9 speaker Alpine stereo and more. Our truck also had 20-inch alloy wheels, a beautiful leather and wood steering wheel, leather interior, heated front and rear seats, vented front seats, heated steering wheel, power rear window, and a lot more.

There are three different engine options on the Ram 1500 but our truck had the Hemi 5.7 liter V8 that puts out 395 hp. This brute of an engine is mated to a Torqueflite 8HP70 eight speed automatic transmission. The Ram is a big truck but this engine moves the Ram with authority. Passing is effortless and the truck hits speeds that would get your license taken away in a heartbeat. The engine is rated at 15 mpg in the city and 21 mpg on the freeway. We managed to get around 18 mpg in mixed driving but 21 mpg is easily attainable as long as you keep your speeds down. Ram offers something that nobody else does with a diesel engine option on the 1500. The diesel engine is rated at 29 mpg on the freeway. That is an amazing number for a big truck.

The interior of our Ram Limited was pure luxury. There are so many features and nice touches everywhere that makes this truck easy to live with. This is why people love these big trucks. There are lots of cubby holes and cup holders. The center console is huge and there is so much room in the front seats while the back seat is like being in the back of a limousine.

We found the front seats to be too big to hold you properly. You slide all over the place and don’t feel connected but then again this is not a sports car and the seats are made for larger folks that buy these trucks. The heated front seats are always nice but we wish that they had a hotter setting. The Chrysler U connect 8.4 inch screen that controls most functions is one of the best units in the industry. The large screen is great even for older eyes and the menus are easy to figure out and make sense.

The Ram is also a very capable truck when you actually need a truck. It can tow over 10,000 pounds easily and can haul almost 2000 pounds of payload. The Ram Box lockable boxes on each side of the bed are awesome for holding smaller items that you don’t want rolling around. They come in very handy. There are lots of other features all over this truck that makes this a very useful vehicle.


Every truck company is always trying to outdo the competition. For example, Ford offers a 10 speed automatic transmission while Ram offers an eight speed. We did not miss the extra gears as the eight speed shifted well and on time. There were a few times when there was a slight delay but it was no different than the competition. Ram does not give you a lever for the transmission but instead they provide a knob on the dash. While it is a little strange at the beginning, it does free up space on the center console. Our only issue is with the tiny buttons for manual shifting of the transmission that are on the steering wheel. Fortunately, the transmission is good enough that you rarely need to manually shift it.

What really sets the Ram apart though has to be the air suspension. The standard Ram has coil springs which really helps the ram provide a smooth ride. The optional air suspension on our truck takes that to the next level. The ride on our Ram 1500 was simply amazing. Bumps that upset most cars are hardly even noticeable in the Ram. Attach a trailer or put a big load and the self-leveling suspension compensates so the truck stays level. Drive at freeway speeds and the truck lowers itself to improve fuel economy. It is just so sweet.

Sweet costs money and that is the only issue with the Ram. Prices are actually very reasonable compared with the competition starting out at $26,495 which is great. But order all the options and the expensive packages and that truck now costs $63,525 which is what our truck costs. While that seems like a lot, it is actually a lot less than the competition. And the nice part is that there are so many different trim levels that you can custom tailor the truck to your needs. Order the options you want and nothing more.

The Ram 1500 is an amazing truck with a very powerful engine that still gets great fuel economy. Couple that with the luxurious interior, capable chassis, and great ride and you have a vehicle that can do it all and do it with ease.

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