2020 Renault affected by ‘turbulent’ winter

Marcin Budkowski
Marcin Budkowski

(GMM) Renault has admitted it is coming out of a "turbulent" period inside the French works team.

The outfit has been criticized for its low-profile winter and lackluster objectives for 2020. Executive director Marcin Budkowski admits the new car was affected by unrest.

"The initial concept was set with a different technical director and a different head of aerodynamics. I would lie to you if I said there was absolutely no difference of opinion," he is quoted by The Race.

Indeed, while happy with progress on the engine last year, the chassis was a different matter. Dirk de Beer has replaced Peter Machin as aero boss, and Pat Fry has replaced technical director Nick Chester.

Fry, who moved from McLaren, only started this month.

"There's always difference of opinions, different views and I'm sure if Pat was there at the time he might have made slightly different choices," Budkowski said.

"It's not to say that the current choices are the wrong ones. (But) it's been a turbulent kind of autumn and winter.

"I'm not going to tell you it's plain sailing and it doesn't change anything in our organisation."