Alpha Tauri ‘six months behind’ Red Bull – Marko

Alpha Tauri AT01
Alpha Tauri AT01

(GMM) Now officially called Alpha Tauri, the former Toro Rosso outfit will benefit from many of "sister team" Red Bull's technology by mid-season.

That is the news from Dr Helmut Marko, who said the Faenza based team's spectacular re-branding means Alpha Tauri is no longer the junior squad but the "sister team".

"They are three to six months behind Red Bull in terms of development," Marko told Auto Motor und Sport.

Alpha Tauri is Red Bull's premier fashion brand, and Marko said the re-branding of Toro Rosso is "a transformation from a subsidiary to a sister team".

Alpha Tauri's 2020 car features 2019-specification suspension that comes from Red Bull, as well as hydraulics, the transmission and many other parts.

"Everything that our capacities and the regulations allow will come to Alpha Tauri," Marko continued.

"We expect the team to always be at the top of the midfield."

Alpha Tauri team boss Franz Tost says he appreciates the close alignment with Red Bull.

"Everyone knows that Red Bull Technologies has the best engineers," he is quoted by Speed Week.

As for the drivers, Alpha Tauri has the on-form Pierre Gasly and team veteran Daniil Kvyat.

Marko said: "Kvyat has to show his talent throughout the season without any form fluctuations."

As for Gasly, he added: "After he came back to Toro Rosso, there was nothing to complain about. He should continue this performance and in the best case even improve it."