No doubt Dutch GP will happen – Lammers

The tree huggers have lost this round
The tree huggers have lost this round and….

(GMM) There is no longer any doubt that the first Dutch GP since 1985 will take place in May.

That is the claim of former F1 driver Jan Lammers, the Zandvoort race's sporting director.

Earlier, opposition groups put up political hurdles that appeared to threaten the event, but Lammers told the F1 Aan Tafel podcast that those doubts are now in the past.

"The final layer of asphalt will go down at the end of January," he said, on the same day that Red Bull drivers Max Verstappen and Alex Albon drove old F1 cars at the venue for filming.

"Everything is going well, although we have been lucky with the weather," Lammers added, referring to Zandvoort's expensive upgrades, including two uniquely banked corners.

And Greta must be pissed off
And Greta must be pissed off

He dismissed suggestions that doubts about the race are still credible, amid rumors of a forthcoming meeting with the FIA.

"There has been so much noise but it is really going to happen and it will be a great event. Just accept it," Lammers smiled.

However, he does concede that the first race in 2020 will be a learning experience for the Zandvoort organizers.

"On the Monday after the race we will see what we can do even better, and then implement that for 2021," said Lammers.

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