VinFast Vietnam Grand Prix Reveals Hanoi Circuit Logo & Grandstand Names

Vietnam GP Logo
Vietnam GP Logo

Hanoi, Vietnam – The Vietnam Grand Prix Corporation (VGPC), Promoter of the Formula 1 VinFast Vietnam Grand Prix 2020, today revealed the Official Logo of F1’s newest track – the Hanoi Circuit – that will host the pinnacle of motorsport for the very first time next April 3rd -5th. In addition, VGPC also unveiled the titles for the circuit’s Grandstands, named after 9 iconic Vietnamese cities and locations.

In naming the Hanoi Circuit Grandstands, the promoter’s aim has been to pay tribute to some of Vietnam’s most famous and important landmarks, major cities and provinces whilst also blending each location’s characteristics with the circuit’s own at each Grandstand’s position along the 23-Turn, 5.607km long track.

As such, the Thang Long {Hanoi’s traditional name} Grandstand is located at the Starting Grid, symbolizing the constant forward motion, energy and progress of Vietnam’s capital city, whilst the Grandstand at Turns 2, 3 & 4 – whose winding arc shape symbolizes a flying dragon – is named after the world famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ha Long Bay, whose very name means ‘Bay of the Descending Dragons’.

In addition, the names of each Grandstand were arranged in such a way to run in geographical order from North to South Vietnam following the sequence of turns from the beginning of the track to the end.

The CEO of the Vietnam Grand Prix Corporation, Ms. Le Ngoc Chi, commented earlier on today’s Hanoi Circuit logo reveal and Grandstand naming: “We are proud to reveal the Hanoi Circuit logo alongside our Grandstand names to the world. The new logo reflects the energy, dynamism and progress of our capital city and the incredible new Hanoi Circuit while the naming of each Grandstand after iconic Vietnamese cities and landmarks is our way of both paying tribute to Vietnam’s vibrant modern culture and rich history as well as helping to educate our international guests a little more on all this country has to offer. This also reflects our ongoing efforts to promote Hanoi to the millions of F1 viewers around the world and to demonstrate Hanoi’s pride in it’s capability to build a world-class car racing and entertainment facility and to deliver one of the most prestigious sporting events."

Circuit Map - Final
Circuit Map – Final

The full list of the Hanoi Circuit Grandstand names are as follows:

  • Thang Long Grandstand – Located along the Starting Grid, this stand takes its title from Hanoi’s traditional name – meaning a rising dragon – and symbolizes the constant growth and development of the city.
  • Hai Phong Grandstand – positioned by Turn 1, this is named after the major port city that also functions as an industrial center and the largest seaport in the North of Vietnam. This is also the third largest city in the country, the second in the North and one of the five municipalities.
  • Hạ Long Grandstand – Positioned at the winding arc that makes up Turns 2-4, this Grandstand is named after Ha Long Bay, the world-famous UNESCO World Natural Heritage, considered to be one of the most beautiful natural settings on the planet and also renowned as the mythical home of dragons.
  • Hue Matrix One Grandstand – This Grandstand is situated at the tricky Turn 7-8 sequence and is named after the central Vietnamese city – another UNESCO Heritage Centre – that was the seat of Nguyen Dynasty emperors and the national capital from 1802 to 1945. The Hue Matrix One Grandstand is sponsored by MIK Group.
  • Ds Nang Grandstand – this stand is located just past Turn 10 and is named after Vietnam’s fourth largest city, the key economic region of the Central area of Vietnam, famous for its white sand beaches, Ba Na Mountain, Son Tra peninsula & Marble Mountain….
  • Nha Trang Grandstand – Set just before Turn 11, this is named after the famous coastal resort city in southern Vietnam famed for its beaches, diving sites and offshore islands in Nha Trang Bay, commonly referred to as ‘The Pearl of the East Sea" and one of Vietnam’s most popular tourist destinations.
  • Ssi Gon Grandstand – Situated at Turn 12, this is named after Vietnam’s largest city's former name. One of the most important economic, cultural, political and educational centers of Vietnam, it is famous for its Ben Thanh market as well as the stunning Nguyen Hue street, Independence Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral and most recently the Landmark 81 building – tallest in Southeast Asia.
  • Can Tho Grandstand – found by Turn 13, this Grandstand takes its name from the bustling city in southern Vietnam’s Mekong Delta region, celebrated for its canal network, nearby floating markets and fruitful orchards.
  • Phu Quoc Grandstand – located by turn 22-23, this grandstand is named after the largest island in Vietnam also known as Jade Island due to its picturesque beaches and magnificent landscapes such as the Phu Quoc National Park, An Thoi archipelago, Van Ninh fishing village and the Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc (the first and largest semi-wild zoo in Vietnam).

The Hanoi Circuit itself is a unique hybrid design, fusing a street circuit’s characteristics with a permanent track layout. The first of its kind to be developed in partnership by Tilke Engineers and F1’s own Motorsports Division, it is set to become one of the most challenging and sensational circuits in the sport. With high speed corner sequences not seen at any other pure street tracks and as many as three overtaking points where cars will have the potential to duke it out side-by-side, this is a track designed to deliver spectacular racing.

Sett to be one of the most breathtaking circuits in F1, the Hanoi Circuit is a feat of design, innovation & construction, the track will pose a stern examination of the drivers' strength and skills, whilst providing fans with a weekend of non-stop, adrenaline-fuelled racing action.

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