Pecking order to be similar in 2021 – Binotto

Ferrari will still be sucking Mercedes' exhaust fumes
Ferrari will still be sucking Mercedes' exhaust fumes

(GMM) The pecking order in 2021 will "not be very different" to today, according to Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto.

The rules are changing considerably for 2021, including radically different cars and a $175 million budget cap.

"These new rules will give stability to F1 for five years," Binotto told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"But in 2021 I think that the teams with more resources will have a competitive advantage over the others, demonstrating that in 2020 not everyone could use an extra budget.

"Certainly in 2021 the situation will not be very different from that of today," he added.

Indeed, all of the top teams will work simultaneously on both the 2020 and 2021 cars this year, outside of the constraints of the incoming budget cap.

"The two projects will run in parallel and depending on how good our next car will be, the priorities will be set," Binotto said.

"Certainly the new regulations are designed in such a way that the degree of freedom of development will be reduced compared to today," he added.

"I am quite sure that, within three years, we will arrive at a performance ceiling soon enough. The gap between the first and last will be reduced.

"In short, the goal that Liberty Media has set itself to level the competition can be achieved. But it won't happen immediately," Binotto warned.

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