Red Bull Global Rallycross goes belly-up

Global Rallycross Action
Global Rallycross Action. More motorsports series are created each year. Eventually it's all going to implode because the FIA and ACCUS does nothing to stop what is sure to be the eventual collapse of motorsports. We should be seeing series merge and consolidate, instead we see the exact opposite. There are only so many sponsors to go around

Unfortunately, a trail of unpaid bills has forced Global Rallycross to cease operations for the 2018 season. With its inaugural season having taken place in 2011, nobody expected GRC to fold this fast. But that appears to be what happened.

There were rumors circulating for weeks that the series was having serious money troubles.

But a report from SpeedSport on Tuesday noted that New York’s Lancaster National Speedway and Dragway, confirmed that an Global Rallycross event that was supposed to be in June has been cancelled. It then explained that it was informed that GRC was ceasing operations entirely.

Checking the official Red Bull Global Rallycross webpage revealed the entire 2018 schedule was mysteriously absent.

Lancaster National Speedway later issued a tweet saying GRC intended to reorganize and start back up in 2019, but reiterated that this year would be a bust.

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