Haas engines to be badged Alfa Romeo (2nd Update)

UPDATE This rumor is downgraded to 'false' with today's announcement that Sauber, not Haas, will be badged Alfa Romeo.

Antonio Giovinazzi
Antonio Giovinazzi

07/13/17 Some time ago, Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne said the iconic Italian name "should be reiterated as a sports brand and consider the possibility to race in F1".(GMM) Alfa Romeo could be ready to enter formula one.

"How? Probably in collaboration with Ferrari," he added.

Now, Germany's Auto Bild reported rumors that Alfa Romeo could support the Ferrari 'B team' Haas next year.

Haas' "Ferrari customer engines would bear the Alfa name," the report speculated. "Ferrari could then place junior driver Antonio Giovinazzi at Haas."

Sergio Marchionne (R)
Sergio Marchionne (R)

07/12/17 On the heels of McLaren possibly switching to Ferrari engines, rumor has it that Ferrari power units supplied to the American Haas F1 team may be badged with the Alfa Romeo starting in 2018.

On more than one occasions Ferrari big boss Sergio Marchionne made it known that he was keen to have the legendary Italian brand back in Formula 1.

"I want to see Alfa Romeo back racing in Formula 1 someday, because I believe very strongly it’s a place the brand should be. I don’t know how likely it is that this will happen. But the fact that we are talking about is a good sign in itself."

As a result, might we see:

  • McLaren get Ferrari 'B' power units in 2018
  • Haas get Alfa Romeo badged Ferrari power units for next season and beyond
  • Antonio Giovinazzi gets a full time drive alongside Kevin Magnussen at Haas;
  • Romain Grosjean replaces Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari.

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