Saavedra or Kaiser to drive for Juncos in 2018 (Update)

UPDATE As always with racing, when in doubt follow the money. With IndyCar TV ratings so low on NBCSN teams like Juncos racing find it very hard to move up from Indy Lights (which is almost 100% ride-buyer funded) to IndyCar.

Juncos is finding it nearly impossible to do it just with ride-buyer money like in Lights, so if they do move up it will probably be only for the few races ride-buyer money can fund.

"We'll be getting 2018 aero updates for the cars, and I have many interested companies we are talking to that respected what we did at Indianapolis, he told in Toronto."

But talking vs. writing the check are two completely different things

"It was something we thought about, but it's better to put the time to talking with sponsors, talking with drivers," he said.

"The Indy 500 is important, and maybe if it's three or four races, at least we can grow and try to do more each year," he said. "If Kyle Kaiser wins the Indy Lights title the money he brings from would be a good start for 2018."

Sebastian Saavedra
Sebastian Saavedra

05/13/17 Rumor has it that Sebastian Saavedra is in line to be a fulltime IndyCar driver for Juncos if the team moves up to IndyCar fulltime in 2018. They have two cars, it just comes down to sponsorship.

Saavedra will drive for the team in this year's Indy 500.

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