Mercedes F1 Team To Its Pay Highest FIA Entry Fee Next Year

Wolff pissed he has to pay so much
Wolff pissed he has to pay so much

Mercedes' success in its record-breaking '19 F1 season means it must pay its "highest-ever FIA entry fee for next year."

The FIA "mandates a basic fee for all teams to enter the F1 world championship." The FIA has set the basic '20 entry fee "for all teams at $556,509, plus $6,677 per point scored" in '19.

That amounts to $4,934,303 for Mercedes' 739-point haul this year, "just under $200,000 more than its points-based fee" from '16 and over $600,000 higher than '18.

It means Mercedes' total entry fee comes to $5,490,812, more than $2M more than the "next highest entry fee." AUTOSPORT

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