Ghiotto sprints to victory in final F2 race of 2019

From left, Nicholas Latifi, Lua Ghiotto, and Sergio Sette Camara
From left, Nicholas Latifi, Lua Ghiotto, and Sergio Sette Camara

Luca Ghiotto made it back-to-back Sprint Race wins to seal third in the Championship and close out his final Formula 2 race with a victory. The win is the Italian’s fifth during his time in F2, and fourth this season, as he brings a close to the 2019 season. Finishing in second place, Nicholas Latifi is crowned Vice-Champion, while his teammate Sergio Sette Camara claimed the final podium spot and fourth in the Championship.

With Latifi and Ghiotto battling to become Vice-Champion, and lining up second and third on the reverse grid, they knew that a strong start would be vital. Ghiotto’s was perfect, Latifi’s was sluggish. The Italian fired ahead, as Latifi failed to challenge Giuliano Alesi on reverse pole, and lost out to Ghiotto.

Guanyu Zhou struggled with the getaway himself, as he dropped down to eleventh and allowed Jordan King, Sette Camara and Mick Schumacher through. Alesi had remained in front for all of this, and even set the fastest lap. The Frenchman’s race quickly began to unravel though, as his tires struggled to keep up with his demands and Ghiotto started to reel him in.

As the Italian closed the gap on the Trident racer, Mick Schumacher attempted to enter a three-wary battle with Louis Deletraz and Nobuharu Matsushita, however, the German got caught out down the straight, and Sette Camara shot from nowhere to surge past the Schumacher. The Brazilian then followed this up by diving down the side of Deletraz, who braked as late as possible, before eventually giving way to the Dams driver.

Ghiotto had gotten within DRS range of Alesi, took a tow and fired down the left of him, before taking the inside line. The Italian roared into the distance, as Alesi fell into the path of Latifi, who swiftly eased past him.

Ilott piled further misery on the Frenchman as he followed Ghiotto and Latifi through to take up the final spot on the podium and throw Alesi down to fourth. The Trident man was handed some brief respite, as Matsushita in fifth was too busy defending against Sette Camara to attempt an overtake himself.

The in-form DAMS driver was finally able to battle ahead of Matsushita, and made the most of a lock-up from Alesi, to dive ahead and steal fourth. Ghiotto had begun to struggle out in front, warning his team over radio that his tires were shot. Luckily for him, Latifi appeared to be suffering with the same issue, which allowed Ghiotto to ease off, and still build a bit of a buffer in clean air.

Further down the order, Jack Aitken had begun to recover positions, firstly firing ahead of Jordan King, then powering past Schumacher down the straight, and edging ahead of him around the outside of the corner, which put him in the final points’ position.

Racing was momentarily brought to a halt as Nikita Mazepin clipped the side of Matevos Isaakyan and spun the Sauber Junior Team Driver 180 degrees, ending both of their races.

When racing resumed, Sette Camara made a daring move on Ilott, with just two laps to go. The Brazilian squeezed past him down the straight, but the Briton battled back in front. Sette Camara had another go, and this time, Ilott was forced to give up the position.

Ghiotto crossed the line in first with a 7s gap to Latifi, who settled for second, ahead of his teammate Sette Camara. Ilott claimed fourth, ahead of Alesi, who secured his highest ever finish in F2. Deletraz managed to squeeze past Matsushita on the final lap for sixth, while Aitken completed the points’ positions, in eighth.

With the curtain closed on the 2019 F2 campaign, Nyck de Vries finished first on 266 points, Latifi second on 214, and Ghiotto moves up to third, with 207 points. Sette Camara drops to fourth, despite his Feature Race win, while Aitken completes the top five, with 159 points.

In the Teams’ Championship, Dams finish on 418 points, ahead of UNI-Virtuosi on 347 and ART Grand Prix on 277. Carlin finish fourth with 236 points and Campos Racing fifth with 189.

The teams will remain in Abu Dhabi for post-season testing next week, when they will get their first opportunity to test out potential line-ups for 2020.

Sprint Race provisional classification

1 Luca Ghiotto UNI-Virtuosi 0.000s
2 Nicholas Latifi DAMS 7.274s
3 Sergio Sette Camara DAMS 10.235s
4 Callum Ilott Sauber Junior Team by Charouz 16.106s
5 Giuliano Alesi Trident 17.273s
6 Louis Deletraz Carlin 19.451s
7 Nobuharu Matsushita Carlin 28.230s
8 Guanyu Zhou UNI-Virtuosi 29.112s
9 Jordan King MP Motorsport 31.532s
10 Jack Aitken Campos Racing 32.075s
11 Mick Schumacher Prema Racing 33.578s
12 Christian Lundgaard Trident 37.018s
13 Nyck de Vries ART Grand Prix 40.436s
14 Tatiana Calderon BWT Arden 43.149s
15 Mahaveer Raghunathan MP Motorsport 52.593s
16 Marino Sato Campos Racing 59.719s
17 Nikita Mazepin ART Grand Prix 3 Laps
Matevos Isaakyan Sauber Junior Team by Charouz DNF
Sean Gelael Prema Racing DNF
Artem Markelov BWT Arden DNF

Final drivers' standings

1 Nyck de Vries 266
2 Nicholas Latifi 214
3 Luca Ghiotto 207
4 Sergio Sette Camara 204
5 Jack Aitken 159
6 Nobuharu Matsushita 144
7 Guanyu Zhou 140
8 Louis Deletraz 92
9 Jordan King 79
10 Anthoine Hubert 77
11 Callum Ilott 74
12 Mick Schumacher 53
13 Juan Manuel Correa 36
14 Dorian Boccolacci 30
15 Giuliano Alesi 20
16 Artem Markelov 16
17 Sean Gelael 15
18 Nikita Mazepin 11
19 Ralph Boschung 3
20 Mahaveer Raghunathan 1
21 Tatiana Calderon 0
22 Marino Sato 0
23 Christian Lundgaard 0
24 Arjun Maini 0
25 Matevos Isaakyan 0
26 Patricio O'Ward 0
27 Ryan Tveter 0

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