IndyCars and V8 Supercars to race with F1

The word in Melbourne was that the V8s, now known only as Supercars, will be hosting a championship round at the Grand Prix next year, something which Mr E always rejected. The new management of the Formula One group has a very different approach and there have even been suggestions that they might be willing to share the billing with IndyCars… Joe Saward

Cost-wise it does not make sense to fly the V8 Supercars all the way from Australia to Austin as a support race to F1. It would be much more cost effective to bring in the IndyCars to be a support race for the USGP, however, the USGP runs very late in the season, way past the Labor Day season ending goal of Mark Miles.

So…..might we see IndyCars run with F1 at an overseas venue given that Mark Miles has wanted to add two overseas races for a long time?

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