Kicked out of F1, Ecclestone to takeover IndyCar (Update)

UPDATE April Fool's!

Ecclestone has this to say to Liberty's treatment of him
Ecclestone has this to say to Liberty's treatment of him

04/01/17 Ousted F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone is not happy with the way new owners Liberty Media pushed him aside after he built the sport into what it is today.

Out to get even, Ecclestone now has the floundering IndyCar series in his sites. With a hapless TV package that brings sponsors such little value, and unable to land even one international race, it's clear that if IndyCar has any hope of becoming a big-time motorsports player it needs someone like Ecclestone who has proven he can take F1 from its dark days in the 60s and early 70s and turn it into a mega-sport.

Ecclestone may be old but he's as sharp as a whip and his manufacturer and motorsports connections are tops in the sport. He has no other hobbies. Motorsports is his life and it would be a feather in his cap to take IndyCar to new heights and challenge F1 for motorsports supremacy.

Ecclestone told AR1 he could turn IndyCar into a $1billion annual industry within 5 years, but does the Hulman-George family want IndyCar to be popular again? They will do nothing to threaten the importance of their family owned Indy 500 and prefer to keep all other races small and in its shadow.

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