This year better for Williams than 2018 – boss

 Claire Williams
Claire Williams

(GMM) 2019 was a better season for Williams than the previous year, according to team boss Claire Williams.

Actually, the struggling British team scored 7 points in 2018 compared to just a single point this year.

And George Russell and Robert Kubica have been stranded alone at the back of the grid and field, amid obvious financial, supplier and spare parts issues.

But Claire Williams, the daughter of team founder Sir Frank Williams, says 2019 was actually better.

"Last year was the worst year," she told the Guardian.

"I understand why people would see this year as worse but they can't see behind the scenes. Last year I could not see how things would get better imminently. This year Williams is in a different place entirely.

"I know what is coming and I believe in it. Last year I didn't really believe in it," she admitted.

Williams said a full review took place after the shambolic winter season, and "big chances" across the team occurred in every department.

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