New video boards may not be ready for May

Question: I saw photographs of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway video boards removed. Does that mean the new ones will be in place for May? (Jeff, Speedway, Ind.)

Answer (Curt Cavin Indy Star): Maybe. The video boards have had their screens removed, a fact witnessed by the people who attended last week's IndyCar Series media day at the track. That doesn't guarantee anything, however. IMS is still awaiting state funding approval, and if that comes in a timely manner then the boards will be replaced before the May 7-9 road race weekend. If not, the old boards will be back up. As background, IMS believes new video boards are key to improving the fan experience, which is why it's part of the state funding package. There are about 20 video boards on the property, and the new boards will be placed in roughly the same locations so as to not change the viewing experience for ticket holders who have purchased seats with boards in mind. The boards also will be about the same size as the current ones, albeit HD quality. Unlike Texas Motor Speedway and Charlotte Motor Speedway, there won't be any of those massive boards, largely because of cost but also because such a board couldn't benefit enough seats to make it worthwhile.

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