Dallara (of course) to get Indy Lights contract (Update)

UPDATE A reader writes, Dear AR1.com, Given what we all know that Dallara did when they won the current Indy Car contract for the DW12 and how they charged the teams the high prices for replacement parts, why would the Indy Car series not have asked all 3 of the potential chassis suppliers to include, in their bid’s the prices for replacement parts. It seems like the powers that be have no common business sense when they put out any requests for proposals like most other companies in business would. If I were a prospective new team owner, I sure as heck would want to know what the complete costs for chassis AND parts might be before jumping into the fire with them.

As you have said many times, follow the money. It seems to always lead to who it is that resides there, Dallara and their Indy Car right hand man, Brian Barnhart. I wonder if he had a hand in this outcome as he did when Dallara won the contract for the current car and also, somehow learned about and included the part about them building a facility there in town to help win them some concessions from the state. If memory serves me correctly, it may have been Swift who had done all of their homework and offered to do this in their sealed bid but somehow, this info was provided to Dallara and they also included it to help in their winning bid.

The shell game continues for the unfortunate OTHER chassis manufacturers willing to offer some new ideas in chassis design. And we wonder why the series continues to lose credibility among open wheel race fans and especially the long in the tooth knowledgeable fans from when open wheel racing was truly a great series to watch. Looks like Dallara is the Obamacare option that promised low prices and quality care, but then, when the law is passed and everyone gets to see the actual costs, they are shell shocked and dismayed at having been misled about the true costs of low cost healthcare or in this case low cost chassis parts. Sigh……………………… Dan in Chicagoland

10/27/13 Andersen Promotions owner Dan Andersen recently revealed that three chassis manufacturers were in the running to earn the 2015 Indy Lights chassis contract, and RACER has learned Dallara will be announced as the series' next supplier.

Although the choice of Dallara might not come as a surprise to some, the details involved with the rolling chassis could stoke new interest among owners and drivers working within the confines of a slow economy.

The final decision reportedly fell in Dallara's favor based on offering the lowest sale price of those who submitted bids and, as a key concession, the company's willingness to create three-year finance plan to lessen the upfront costs of ownership. With payments spread across three seasons, the chances of expanding Indy Lights' diminished car counts and small ownership group could be greatly improved.

A discount from Dallara for entrants who compete in 2014 – the final season for the current Dallara-built 2002 Infiniti Pro Series car – will be offered, and an even greater discount will be extended to those who commit to the new car within the first few months of 2014. Racer.com

[Editor's Note: When in doubt, follow the money. There is no free lunch in racing. We all know how those promises from Dallara of lower costs turned out for IndyCar now don't we? Wait until the Indy Lights teams find out they get socked with huge costs for replacement parts. You read it here first.]

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