Ecclestone headed behind bars?

In Munich, Klaus Ott reported that Ecclestone "will soon be indicted in Munich on corruption charges" following a "decisive statement" made by convicted banker Gerhard Gribkowsky. The prosecutor "is preparing a charge of bribing a civil servant," as Gribkowsky was working for state bank BayernLB. Bribing a public official in Germany is more serious than bribing an ordinary citizen. What is more, Ecclestone — according to Gribkowsky's jailhouse statement — apparently referred to him as "civil servant," and therefore knew he was bribing an "officer of the state."

Thus an accusation against Ecclestone of bribery of public officials moves closer. Gribkowsky said that Ecclestone made his "civil servant" remark in a "derogatory fashion" to him. The public prosecutor's office "wants to complete its investigations against Ecclestone by the end of the fall and bring an indictment." Suddeutsche Zeitung

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