Kubica to try return to racing

UPDATE (GMM) Robert Kubica has tested a world rally car in France.

Ford's technical director Christian Loriaux was quoted on Saturday by the French-language L'Avenir as saying works drivers Petter Solberg and Jari-Matti Latvala tested over four days at the asphalt Circuit des Ecuyers.

Also in action was a "mystery driver who does not want to give publicity to this collaboration", Loriaux reportedly said.

The mystery driver, according to Ford's Loriaux, is a "guy with some experience on asphalt, and I take off my hat to him: he came at his own expense and worked gracefully".

"And his expertise was very interesting. During our first contact, he told me he was not sure if he could do the job physically, but everything went well," he added.

L'Avenir said the 'mystery driver' is Pole Kubica, the former BMW and Renault driver who is still recovering from serious injuries sustained in a horror rally crash in early 2011.

08/20/12 Rumor has it that in October former F1 driver Robert Kubica will be testing a rally car with Agostino Rod team. The Pole will drive a Peugeot 207 S2000.

Since his crash in February 2011 Kubica wasn`t able to drive a racing car but he did some rally tests. After his last surgery in May the Pole didn`t drive a rally car at all.

On May 25th we learned that Kubica underwent an elbow surgery. He decided on it to be able to turn left with two hands because after a test in a simulator (probably Dallara`s) it leaked out that he could do it because of lack of mobility in his elbow. Doctors removed a portion of his elbow bone and put in that place small a prosthesis.

Since then Robert was a guest at minimum 2 rally tests, but he was only a spectator. In the Internet appeared few photos of him from that events.

It is still not known if and when Kubica will be able to try to get back to Formula One

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