IndyCar blows another overseas race?

Most overseas races CART, and now IndyCar, have had over the years either never materialized or have died. It appears that the American series just does not know how to function on the international stage. Now comes word that IndyCar is about to get another black eye as the Qingdao, China race may not happen. It still to this day has yet to be announced to the Chinese people and we are less than 3 months from race day. No sponsors, no ticket sales, nothing.

So after IndyCar finishes wiping the egg from their face again, what race might take its place since the IZOD contract requires a minimum of 16 races?

Here's what JS correspondent reported Sunday from Elkhart Lake regarding IndyCar in the wake of IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard in Detroit casting some doubt on the future of the race scheduled for China:

Road America president George Bruggenthies said he hasn't talked to IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard about the Elkhart Lake track being a backup if the series doesn't compete in China in August.

Bernard told the Indianapolis Star on Sunday China isn't "100%," and he's got a backup plan for the race scheduled Aug. 19 on the streets of Qingdao. Bernard said a decision had to be made soon about the race.

"I haven't heard from Randy and I can tell you that my American LeMans Series and Corvette World Tribute weekend is solid," Bruggenthies said Sunday, referring to the Aug. 16-19. "I really can't change anything there."

When IndyCar and Road America did talk about a race for 2012, that was the weekend on which Bruggenthies had focused so that it could be a ALMS-IndyCar doubleheader weekend.

But Bernard said in the days leading up to the Indianapolis 500 he had backed off on Road America in deference to Michael Andretti and his promotion of the June 12 race at the Milwaukee Mile, an event seen as "fragile."

Bruggenthies was quick to point out he'd be open to discussion about bringing the series to the permanent road course at some juncture this season.

"Our schedule is full that weekend; I have contracts and couldn't change anything," Bruggenthies said. "I haven't been asked to seriously look at. I would certainly take a look to see what I might be able to do.

"I don't know that I couldn't do something. I doubt for that weekend unless it was an abbreviated appearance. I don't know if Road America is (Bernard's) backup plan. Maybe he'll call me Monday and ask me – and then I'd have to take a seriously look."

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