Merc working on super-light E-Class

Mercedes engineers are reportedly in the process of developing a very light E-Class that's due out in 2015. A report has come out indicating that Mercedes-Benz is currently working on a super-light version of its E-Class. This featherweight will be made almost entirely out of carbon fiber, which is much stronger than steel but crucially, lighter as well.

It’s believed that it will weigh in at 2,866lb, 771lb lighter than the standard E-Class. Its design will be influenced by the current CLS and the engineers will be free to use things like Gullwing doors and to exclude the B-pillars thanks to the extra rigidity offered by the carbon fiber.

The purpose of this new model seems to be to lower Merc’s fleet fuel economy and CO2 quotients, because Mercedes doesn’t seem to be considering typical powertrains; instead it’s likely that it will have either a hydrogen fuel-cell engine or a petrol-hybrid motor.

There’s still quite some time until it’s due to come out, with 2015 the production target, so we still have plenty of time to gather more information.

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