McLaren and MindMaze announce 2019 Indianapolis 500 technology partnership

Let's hope Fernando does not have any head impacts
Let's hope Fernando does not have any head impacts

McLaren Racing and MindMaze, a global ‘unicorn’ startup in brain technology, today announced an innovative and strategic partnership for the 2019 Indianapolis 500. The 103rd edition of the iconic race will see McLaren challenge for a fourth victory at the event with Fernando Alonso, who seeks to secure the Triple Crown of motorsport.

The technology partnership will see the companies collaboratively design and develop ‘MindDrive,’ the next generation of safety and performance platforms tailored for motorsport. Using MindMaze’s award-winning brain-sensing technology, the product will be capable of capturing and transmitting key neural signatures from the driver to a track-side medical team in real-time in the event of an incident.

The technology will also enable McLaren Racing to gather data and insight on overall driver safety and performance. Together, McLaren Racing and MindMaze will rigorously test MindDrive’s functionality during the team’s preparations for the world-famous racing event in May.

In addition, the MindMaze brand will be represented on the McLaren-Chevrolet and on Fernando’s race suit, along with McLaren team apparel.

Bob Fernley, President, McLaren IndyCar, commented:

“This is an exciting partnership for our Indy 500 programme. We’ve admired MindMaze’s innovative approach to neuroscience for some time, and combined with McLaren’s expertise on track, and deep understanding of racers and their safety needs, this partnership has the potential to deliver a real step in the safety of the sport. We’re looking forward to getting started on our journey to the Indy 500 together."

Tej Tadi, Founder MindMaze, commented:

“Working together with McLaren Racing, we have the opportunity to progress driver safety while capturing new performance data that can benefit motorsports as a whole. Brain Technology has immense implications in many aspects of daily life. We’re excited to develop MindDrive with McLaren Racing and employ it on track during testing as the team prepares for the Indy 500. We are committed to expanding the applications of cognichip technology to new industries by collaborating with pioneers who are known to pushing boundaries in innovation, such as McLaren Racing."

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