Lewis Hamilton hooking up with Rihanna?

Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger who split up once, got back together….but it is over again?

Sources are saying that American X-Factor Judge Nicole Scherzinger was positively livid with rage, as her boyfriend, F1 driver Lewis Hamilton openly hugged R star Rihanna during a break in the Montreal Grand Prix.

The race was red flagged after 22 laps out of a potential 70, as a torrential downpour hit the track, with Hamilton being forced to retire early on following a clash with McLaren team mate Jenson Button, which disabled Hamilton's car.

Super hot Rihanna leaves Nicole in jealous rage?

As track workers struggled to clear surface water from the track, Rihanna, who had been watching events from a hospitality tent, went underneath an umbrella to avoid getting her hair messed up, and went behind the scenes to meet Lewis Hamilton.

Following an initial hug (the one which drove Nicole Scherzinger to the point of rage if the rumors are to be believed) Lewis Hamilton then explained what had gone on out on the track, with Jenson Button, and then invited Rihanna to examine his cockpit.

Rihanna said that she'd never been that close up to anybody's cockpit before, much less Lewis Hamilton's, so she graciously accepted the offer.

Nicole Scherzinger's reaction to this turn of events has not yet been revealed.

Following the unscheduled delay of 2 hours and 4 minutes, the racing resumed, with nobody absolutely certain where Lewis Hamilton and Rihanna were, or whether the cockpit examination was a success.

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