Definitely not the greatest

The greatest drivers in the world?
The greatest drivers in the world?

A reader writes, Dear, I remember when the NASCAR TV announcers would tout every single race that NASCAR drivers are the best drivers in the world.

Bullocks. Those wankers can't finish a race without numerous crashes and green-white-checker finishes i.e. overtime. Last night's Xfinity race required two overtime finishes because the wankers could not stop crashing. The Daytona 500 is always an embarrassing wreckfest with most cars going home a mangled mess.

The best drivers in the world? Complete nonsense. Gary Fischer

Dear Gary, The low downforce stock cars are difficult to handle when they get to beating and banging on each other. Because they are low downforce it does require a certain level of talent to control them, so do not underestimate their talent. All stock car racing series are 'contact' sports. As long as NASCAR allows drivers to ram other cars and push them out of the way to win, without any repercussions, then the wreckfests will continue. Ramming another car from behind to push them up the track and out of the way for the win, or any pass for that matter, requires zero talent. But until NASCAR officials take the win away for unnecessary contact, the contact, and the crashing, will continue. Mark C. reporting for AR1.

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