Teammates Loshak and Drisi Share Front Row for Sebring Trans Am

The gold Burtin Racing Chevy Camaros will start 1-2
The gold Burtin Racing Chevy Camaros will start 1-2

Lawrence Loshak captured the pole position to give Burtin Racing’s gold Chevy Camaros a sweep of the front row in qualifying for Sunday’s Trans Am presented by Pirelli 2019 season-opening event at Sebring International Raceway.

Loshak toured the historic circuit in 3.74-mile circuit in 2:00.427-seconds to earn the pole in the No. 3 Pennzoil/Go Share Camaro, followed by his teammate Tomy Drissi, who carded a fast lap time of 2:01.426 in the No. 8 Axalta Camaro.

“It was a dream lap," Loshak said. “We drivers are always working with the engineers to get that perfect, impossible lap, and we’re always trying to go faster. In a series like this, the guy behind you is going to pass you if you get complacent. The guys gave me an incredible car all weekend. We were P-1 in every session, and then they sprinkled a little special sauce on it for qualifying. They have all the confidence in me, and I came through with a dream lap – and an all-gold front row at Sebring."

Defending TA champ Ernie Francis Jr. was third in the No. 98 Frameless Shower Doors Ford Mustang, 2:01.854. Chris Dyson – who finished second behind Francis in the 2018 race at Sebring – qualified fourth at 2:02.066 in the No. 20 Plaid Ford Mustang.

“This is Ernie’s home track," Loshak said. “We might be fast in one lap, but we’re not going to take it lightly. But I’m comfortable with Sebring, and I think I just have to go. I’ve just got to be clean and mistake free. I know Ernie, Tomy (Drissi) and Chris (Dyson) aren’t going to make it easy."

Loshak grabs pole
Loshak grabs pole

Last year’s race winner will have a great view of the start from third on the grid, and has the last lap rather than the first lap in mind for tomorrow.

“I’m not worried about not being on the front row, I think we did a great job for a small team like ours," said Francis, Jr. “We are running stuff that we just work on ourselves. I think the pace that the leaders had today will be hard to maintain in the race and we’ve got a good consistent car for tomorrow, I know this place well, and I think it is going to be a good race here tomorrow."

Defending champion Rafa Matos led TA2 powered by AEM qualifying with a lap of 2:08.269-seconds in the No. 88 3Dimensional Services Group Chevy Camaro. TA2 races for one-hour, 15-minutes beginning at 11:10 a.m. on Sunday morning.

“The track was very different from this morning’s practice, so I was expecting to be a little bit quicker," Matos said. “It was very hot and the track was slippery, but I had a good enough pace. Our car feels very good and balanced, so I think we will have a real good race car for tomorrow."

Tony Buffomante stayed close to Matos as he clocked the second-fastest lap of 2:08.391-seconds in the No. 34 Mike Cope Racing Ford Mustang.

Marc Miller was third in the No. 40 Prefix/Miller Racing Dodge Challenger, 2:08.662. This is a brand-new car for Miller, who passed Matos with two laps remaining to win the 2018 Trans Am opener at Sebring.

Tomy Drissi 1-second slower than teammate
Tomy Drissi 1-second slower than teammate

The SGT and GT classes will race concurrently with TA in Sunday afternoon’s event.

Mark Boden was fastest in SGT, seeking his fourth career and third-consecutive SGT triumph at Sebring in the No. 46 Beverage Flavors International Porsche 991 GT3 Cup.

“Considering the temperature cooled down today, I was really able to take advantage of the changing conditions," said Boden, who qualified at 2:09.825. “We had it set up for a one-shot deal, and I didn’t make any mistakes. Now I’m in front when it goes green. We engineer our cars to maintain a fast pace for the entire race. In reality, we might struggle early on, but later in the race we hope to have a better car."

Tom Herb made it an all-Fall-Line Motorsports front row with a lap of 2:10.610 in the No. 16 Porsche, followed by Lee Saunders, 2:10 in the V10PWR Racing Dodge Viper.

Jeff Courtney led the GT competitors with a lap of 2:15.536 in the No. 88 Matrix/ Maserati GT4, followed by Steven Davidson, 2:16.256 in the No. 22 Davinci Plastic Surgery Aston Martin Vantage.

“It was an uneventful lap – the way we like it," Courtney said. “I was hoping for a clear space and a clean lap, and we got it. I didn’t actually get the tires up to the sweet spot, but we did the lap and now we can save the tires for the race. We’re hoping to get to do battle tomorrow."

TA Qualifying

Pos No. Clas PIC Name Sponsor/Car Time
1 3 TA 1 Lawrence Loshak Milwaukee Wisc. Pennzoil/GoShare/Chevy Camaro 02:00.427
2 8 TA 2 Tomy Drissi Los Angeles Calif Dark Phoenix/Auto PLAYHOUSE/Chevy Camaro 02:01.426
3 98 TA 3 Ernie Francis Jr Southwest Ranches Fla. Frameless Shower Doors/Ford Mustang 02:01.854
4 20 TA 4 Chris Dyson Pleasant Valley N.Y. Plaid/Ford Mustang 02:02.066
5 41 TA 5 Vincent Allegretta Hampton Bays N.Y. TA Sights and Sounds/Chevy Corvette 02:02.613
6 06 TA 6 RJ Lopez Bal Harbor Fla. TinaBazucaCraftAle/RepublicaBrw/Chevy Corvette 02:03.606
7 0 TA 7 Jordan Bupp Ft. Lauderdale Fla. Hamilton Safe Security/NCR/Chevy Camaro 02:03.638
8 23 TA 8 Amy Ruman Stow Ohio McNichols Co./Chevy Corvette 02:04.072
9 57 TA 9 David Pintaric Canfield Ohio Kryderacing/Cadillac CTSV 02:05.679
10 59 TA 10 Simon Gregg Ponte Vedra Fla. Derhaag Motorsports/Chevy Corvette 02:05.772
11 91 TA 11 Bobby Kennedy Ormond Beach Fla. Advanced Composite Products Inc/Chevy Camaro 02:06.676
12 86 TA 12 John Baucom Wesley Chapel N.C. BaucomMtrspts/ Mustang 02:06.681
13 19 TA 13 Kerry Hitt Harrisburg Pa. Advanced Composite Products Inc/Cadillac CTSV 02:07.350
14 04 TA 14 Natalie Decker Hurley Wisc. N29 Technologies/Cybersight/Chevy Corvette 02:07.999
15 18 TA 15 Jon Leavy Sunrise Fla. Camaro 02:08.198
16 9 TA 16 Jeff Hinkle Destin Fla. Challenger 02:09.180
17 30 TA 17 Richard Grant Germantown Tenn. Grant Racing/Chevy Corvette 02:11.459
18 99 TA 18 Lawrence Lepurage New York City N.Y. Share Logistics/Chevy Corvette 02:11.949

SGT and GT Qualifying

Pos No. Class Name Sponsor/Car Time
1 46 SGT 1 Mark Boden Winnetka Ill. Beverage Flavors International/Porsche 991 GT3 Cup 02:09.825
2 16 SGT 2 Tom Herb Barrington Ill. Fall­Line Motorsports/Porsche 991 GT3 Cup 02:10.610
3 84 SGT 3 Lee Saunders Lakeland Fla. V10PWR Racing/Dodge Viper 02:10.933
4 07 SGT 4 Brian Kleeman Baltimore Md. DWWMotorsports/ExpoIT/Forgeline/Ford Mustang 02:12.886
5 71 SGT 5 Dave Ricci West Palm Beach Fla. Breathless Racing/Chevy Camaro 02:13.558
6 33 SGT 6 Joe Moholland St. Pete Beach Fla. Breathless/Moholland Racing/Chevy Corvette 02:16.441
7 09 SGT 7 Chris Outzen Sudbury Ma. DWWMotorsports/ExpoIT/Forgeline/Ford Mustang 02:16.785
8 55 SGT 8 Milton Grant Germantown Tenn. SentrySelfStorage/FairfieldInn/Porsche 991.3 GT3 Cup 02:17.133
9 80 SGT Fabio Escorpioni dos Reis Windermere Fla. AllSenses Mkt/Lamborghini Gallardo no time
10 88 GT 1 Jeff Courtney Milwaukee Wisc. Matrix/ GT4 02:15.536
11 28 GT 3 Fernando Seferlis Miami Lakes Fla. Compulab S.A./Aston Martin Vantage GT4 02:21.922
12 22 GT 2 Steven Davison Arlington Va. Davinci Plastic Surgery/Aston Martin Vantage 02:16.256

TA2 Qualifying

Pos No. Class Name Sponsor/Car Best Tm
1 88 TA2 1 Rafa Matos Boca Raton Fla. 3Dimensional Services Group/Chevy Camaro 02:08.269
2 34 TA2 2 Tony Buffomante Naperville Ill. Mike Cope Racing/Ford Mustang 02:08.391
3 40 TA2 3 Marc Miller Holland Mich. Prefix/Stevens­Miller Racing/Dodge Challenger 02:08.662
4 92 TA2 4 Scott Lagasse Jr St Augustine Fla. SLR/Fields Racing/M1Racecars/Chevy Camaro 02:08.696
5 77 TA2 5 Dillon Machavern Heritage Vt. Liqui­Moly/Prefix/Ford Mustang 02:09.206
6 10 TA2 6 Misha Goikhberg Woodbridge Ont. Canada BC Race Cars/Chevy Camaro 02:09.321
7 25 TA2 7 Ethan Wilson Loomis Calif. BCRaceCars/WesternGrindingServ/Chevy Camaro 02:09.628
8 13 TA2 8 Louis­Philippe Montour St. Donut Q.C. Canada Montour Ltd/Chevy Camaro 02:10.230
9 02 TA2 9 John Atwell Azle Texas A&J Lab Portal/Chevy Camaro 02:10.284
10 9 TA2 10 Keith Prociuk Chicago Ill. HP Tuners/Chevy Camaro 02:10.347
11 87 TA2 11 Doug Peterson Bonita Springs Fla. 3Dimensional Services Group/Ford Mustang 02:10.603
12 31 TA2 12 Elias Anderson Driftwood Texas AccioData/SampsonRace/HarrisHill/Ford Mustang 02:10.847
13 52 TA2 13 Lawless Alan Van Nuys Calif. AutoParkIT/Ford Mustang 02:11.049
14 11 TA2 14 Peter Klutt Halton Hills Ont Canada TBD/Prefix/Dodge Challenger 02:11.605
15 57 TA2 15 Maurice Hull High Point N.C. WaukeeganFarms/EvertreeCompany/Ford Mustang 02:11.626
16 23 TA2 16 Curt Vogt Walling/ Ford Conn. Cobra Automotive/Ford Mustang 02:11.633
17 97 TA2 17 Tom Sheehan Bow N. H. LTK Insulation Technologies/Ford Mustang 02:12.217
18 83 TA2 18 Alex Wright Mount Vernon Ohio Stevens Miller Racing/Dodge Challenger 02:13.018
19 32 TA2 19 Barry Boes Dripping Springs Texas AccioData/SampsonRace/HarrisHill/Ford Mustang 02:13.254
20 05 TA2 20 Steven Lustig Chester N.J. The Autosport Group/Chevy Camaro 02:13.358
21 17 TA2 21 Jacob Mosler St Augustine Fla. SLR/Fields Racing/M1Racecars/Chevy Camaro 02:13.423
22 70 TA2 22 Willis Woerheide Hilton Head Island S.C. TexasToolTraders/Multi­Building/Chevy Camaro 02:13.935
23 14 TA2 23 Matt Parent Bellevue Wash. Venture Construction/Ford Mustang 02:14.617
24 43 TA2 24 Roberto Sabato Toronto Ont. Canada 6th Gear Garage/Ford Mustang 02:14.758
25 29 TA2 25 Mitch Marvosh Ventura Calif. Wolf Entertainment/Chevy Camaro 02:17.814
26 63 TA2 26 Bob Lima Philadelphia Pa. Lima Company/Chevy Camaro 02:18.078
27 41 TA2 27 John Cloud Naples Fla. Ultimate Headers/Chevy Camaro 02:18.511
28 60 TA2 28 Tim Gray Eden Praire Minn. Ryan Companies/Ford Mustang 02:21.640
DNS 12 TA2 29 Brian Swank Cumming Ga. Berryman Products/Chevy Camaro no time

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