McLaren Will Launch 18 New Cars By 2025

McLaren 600 LT
McLaren 600 LT

McLaren’s chief of design operations, Mark Roberts, confirmed that the British automaker will expand its range by releasing 18 new cars in the next six years.

Speaking to AutoNews at the 2019 Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto, Roberts clarified that they will need to increase their production capacity, which currently sits at 4,500 units per year, before that happens. “For a small company like McLaren, it’s a big deal and a big challenge. It’s putting a big demand on [the production facility] to step up to demand and build more volume."

As challenging as it may be, it’s a necessary step for McLaren if they want to make 18 new cars until 2025. Roberts revealed that one of them is the successor to the P1 plug-in hybrid hypercar, which “is coming up very soon for us on our design schedule, but I can’t tell you when".

Another product is the electric supercar that the McLaren exec said is currently in the testing and development phase, so “it’s going to be a while before we release it as a production car".

Since ‘18’ is a very big number for McLaren, even if it will likely include a few limited editions, the brand’s head of design operations was asked if they’re still adamant about not making an SUV.

“I can easily answer that and say ‘no’. We really do deliver on the ultimate driving experience. For us, it means no compromise. An SUV doesn’t allow us to deliver on that. It’s not a no-compromise kind of vehicle."

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