IndyCar to copy NASCAR restart procedures

IndyCar announced it was going to adopt two-abreast restarts on ovals this season, but, after some of its drivers and teams voiced their opinion, it now appears that IndyCar will copy NASCAR’s playbook to the letter.

IndyCar CEO Randy Bernard is going to suggest to his senior management team that the lapped cars should be placed behind the leaders and also have the lead cars pit first under caution.

“I said the other day that we need partners and the drivers and owners are our partners so we’re listening. We want to do what’s in the best interest of the series," said Bernard.

“I don’t think our drivers realized how many fans wanted this two-abreast restart and we want to make sure to do it in a way our fans approve."

“That’s what a lot of us were upset about, not the double-file restarts, but the fact that you could have Milka Duno on the front row with the leader of the race," said Tony Kanaan, the unofficial king of the restart.

“That’s not only crazy, it’s confusing to the fans, especially the ones who may be seeing their first race and wonder what is going on."

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