Edmonton race to be forced from Airport site

Officials in Edmonton are continuing to look a for a new site for the city's Izod IndyCar Series race. The Edmonton Indy has been held since 2005 at the City Centre Airport, but a planned redevelopment of the airport means the race will have to find another home by 2014.

The new site needs to be within city limits, preferably with a view of the skyline to show on TV, Edmonton's chief financial officer Lorna Rosen said.

"It's a bit of a complicated question as to what already happens on the site . . . while it does require an amount of land, not as much as you might think," Rosen said.

The city reached a three-year deal with promoter Octane Racing Group in November and it was finalized this month. Octane would also like to explore having more races in Edmonton, Rosen said. TimesColonist

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