Robby Gordon back to Chevy, Indy?

UPDATE Former IndyCar driver and current NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Robby Gordon said he is 90 percent sure he will do the Indianapolis 500 but will make the decision by March based on the sales of his Speed drink. He plans to build three cars for the Indianapolis 500, with the possibility of selling off one of the cars if he gets in comfortably on the first day.

11/14/10 Robby Gordon just got to Phoenix International Raceway Friday morning, after spending the week 'pre-running' – checking out legs of the Baja 1000 course, doing the GPS measuring and timing, and taking notes on where the notorious 'X's' are – to be avoided – and how fast to run where and when. He and his guys will fly back to the Baja immediately after Sunday's Phoenix 500-K, to put the finishing touches on things. And if all goes well, he'll finish the Baja 1000, which runs Tuesday and runs through Saturday, just in time to fly overnight Saturday cross-country to Homestead to make the starting line for Sunday's NASCAR season finale.
Factory-backing is key to the Dakar, and Gordon's sponsorship has been with General Motors, for its Hummer marketing. GM is of course dropping Hummer, but Gordon is banking on what appears to be a major new GM commitment to racing – he's ready to sign up for the new Chevy Indy 500 deal, just announced Friday – and maybe GM's marketing plans for that honking-big new truck will include one of the world's best off-roaders. It's a Chevy deal off-road, though he runs Toyotas in NASCAR. How Gordon fits into the NASCAR Toyota program isn't all that clear, but it doesn't look like much of a factory deal at all. Gordon is shopping for a new NASCAR manufacturer for 2011, and he says he wants to return to Chevrolet. Part of the behind-the-scenes key to Gordon's career has been partial backing from long-time friend John Menard, he of Menard's fame. Menard apparently still owns part of the Ilmor company that GM has picked to build its new Indy engines (for the 2012 season). That could be a key 'in' for Gordon. More at

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