Tuesday Test at COTA

Front Straight at COTA

Good morning from Austin, Texas and the premier Circuit of the Americas. The drive into the track for my first time was not quite what I expected. There is only flat farmland surrounding this track. Unlike Mid-Ohio which is surrounded by cornfields and green fields.

The track is quite impressive. The tower which overlooks the track is 250 feet high. Yes, it has an elevator but also has many flights of stairs. I will get us some views from there later this afternoon.

All the 25 IndyCars have been out of track in the first session of the two day test. The top of the chart has changed several times in the two hour session. It was 47 degrees at 10 am so drivers waited for the air temperature to warm up before going out. The drivers are saying the tires are wearing quickly on the 3.4 mile long circuit with 20 turns. You will have to be careful to get the lap right because you only have 2 laps on the tires to get it right.

AR1 will keep you updated during the two days.

Lucille Dust reporting live from COTA

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