Texas Lawmaker Wants To Exempt $60,000+ Cars From Requiring A Front License Plate

A front plate really does not look good on your McLaren
A front plate really does not look good on your McLaren

A Texas lawmaker has proposed a bill that would exempt luxury cars from the compulsory front license plate.

Republican representative, Ken King, is pushing for House Bill 673 (HB 673) which will effectively allow vehicles worth over $60,000 to ditch the front license plate. While some car owners will welcome a decision like that, it’s interesting to see why the politician wants this bill to apply only to vehicles that are worth $60,000 or above.

According to Mr. King, many modern sports cars and luxury cars do not leave the factory with a pre-designated mounting location for a license plate. That’s true, but it doesn’t only apply to cars that cost more than 60 grand, there are also cheaper cars that do not come with a front plate bracket.

Why discriminate against owners of less expensive cars? Needless to say, this bill proposal could lead to a potential class system issue.

Historically, the state of Texas has had a dual plate law since 1934 requiring cars to feature front and rear license plates and display them at all times. However, in 2011 House Bill 2357 significantly amended this rule, stating that not clearly displaying the plates is illegal and punishable with a fine (currently $200).

If Ken King’s proposed House Bill 673 passes, vehicles worth over $60,000 will no longer abide to that rule. Basically, HB 673 would add a category to section 504.943 of the Texas Transportation Code called “luxury passenger vehicle." The problem is this definition is quite vague and could include anything from expensive classics to sports cars and luxury vehicles.

An even bigger issue is the fact that the bill would forcefully define two categories of car owners: those who own expensive cars and those who don’t — potentially demeaning the latter. Furthermore, each category will be clearly visible on the road depending on the presence or absence of the front license plate. We’re curious what’s your take on this.

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