F1 Teams’ entry fees to the 2019 world championship revealed

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff pissed when he opened the bill
Mercedes boss Toto Wolff pissed when he opened the bill

Formula 1's ten teams will fork out an aggregate amount of $17.4 million just to enter the 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship.

On the back of a restructuring of the sport's finances in 2013, it was decided that a team's entry fee would be based on its previous year's performance as dictated by the number of points scored.

That rule is still applied today, with teams paying a basic entry fee, which sits this year at $546,133, to which is added an amount linked to their 2018 points tally.

Needless to say, Mercedes' right to participate in this year's championship has increased once again.

After putting 655 points on the board in 2018, Mercedes' will pay an extra $4.838 million to grace the grid this year, the German manufacturer being billed $6,553 for every point it scored last season as the constructors' champion.

The other teams enjoy a bit of a rebate on the buck-per-point amount, paying $5,459 for each point.

Team entry fees for 2019

Mercedes: $4,838,348
Ferrari: $3,663,222
Red Bull: $2,833,454
Renault: $1,212,131
Haas: $1,053,820
McLaren: $884,591
Racing Point: $830,001
Sauber: $808,165
Toro Rosso: $726,280
Williams: $584,346

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