Low fuel lights for IndyCars?

In the wake of Mike Conway's Indianapolis 500 crash, IndyCar officials don't plan on mandate minimum fuel levels for its cars. But warning lights could be in the future, if feasible.

"So a driver following can know, 'Hey, this car is getting low (on fuel)," Barnhart said.

Barnhart noted there are several ways a car can mechanically lose power, as Ryan Hunter-Reay's did, but there weren't many ways Conway could have avoided hitting Hunter-Reay's car in turn three.

Conway suffered fractures of the leg and back when his car struck the catch fence above the wall. "It just happened to be in the worst possible place on the track," Barnhart said. "You tell drivers not under power to take the lowest line. There is no low line at Indy; there's one line. "(Conway) caught him at absolutely the wrong place." Conway, who has had two surgeries on his left leg, was released from Methodist Hospital on Friday. IndyStar

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