de Silvestro tied to Nuclear Energy


Simona de Silvestro

This rumor is upgraded to 'fact today. With an average starting position of 13th, this Swiss IZOD IndyCar Series rookie has not only captured the attention and respect of her competitors, but the hearts of IndyCar fans as well so it makes sense that the second-largest provider of nuclear-generated electricity in the U.S., Entergy, would call upon the “Swiss Miss" to once again be the brand ambassador for “Nuclear Clean Air Energy."

Brought together in part by her then 2008 Atlantic Championship Series team owner Eddie Wachs, Entergy and the nuclear energy industry launched the “Nuclear Clean Air Energy" public awareness program that year with Simona. The program is designed to educate the public about the carbon-free production of electricity through nuclear power.

For the 2010 Indianapolis 500 Wachs called upon his former standout to once again carry the flag for this campaign. Along with the goal of making the public more aware of an environmentally clean way to produce energy, Entergy has leveraged the motorsports arena to aid college and university student recruiting efforts for careers in the growing nuclear power industry. Recruitment of the future work force is a major focus for the U.S. nuclear energy industry, as is the growing support of the general public for nuclear energy as a green, affordable and safe source of electricity for our country.

John Herron, CEO and Chief Nuclear Officer of Entergy Nuclear:
“We believe in the Nuclear Clean Air Energy national effort and have always believed in Simona’s talent behind the wheel. It is great to be re-united as a team again on the biggest stage in the world for motorsport. This is a big step up for our company, our message and the nuclear energy industry and we are proud to be a part of the Indy 500 in 2010."

05/14/10 Rumor has it that Simona de Silvestro is teaming up again with Eddie Wach's and Entergy, as part of a nuclear energy education campaign.

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