Samantha Busch suffers miscarriage

Samantha and Kyle Busch
Samantha and Kyle Busch

In a Twitter video posted Friday afternoon, Samantha Busch, wife of Kyle Busch, revealed she has suffered a miscarriage.

The news comes eight days after the couple announced their second pregnancy. They were expecting a baby girl in August after a successful in-vitro fertilization procedure. That process resulted in the birth of their son Brexton in 2015.

They announced in October their intent to try have a baby girl through the process and have been documenting it.

In the video, Samantha Busch emotionally explains how she learned of the miscarriage.

“So, today around 11 o’clock my stomach started hurting," Busch recounted. “I stood up and I was bleeding. Then we went to the doctor. I was passing a lot of clots and bleeding. They did an ultrasound and they said my cervix was still closed and she was in there but I was in the beginning of a miscarriage.

“Yeah, we knew from the beginning that sharing this that there was always the possibility that this could happen. I guess with how Brexton was how our numbers looked I never thought it would happen. Obviously, it’s really hard to share. It’s just heartbreaking."

In October, Samantha Busch told NBC Sports why they had decided to document their experience.

“If we only showed the good times, and we only showed when it was a success and went well, that’s not fair to all the women that have (not had stories that have gone like that)," she said. “We don’t know what’s going to happen, and it is a little scary to know that things may come up down the road that may not be as easy as last time, but for all those couples out there that need to go through this or have gone through this and need to know that they’re not alone and need to understand that this can happen to anybody, I think it’s important to start from the beginning this time.’’

After the birth of Brexton, the couple founded the the Bundle of Joy Fund that gives grants to couples who need such IVF treatments to have children. NBC Sports

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