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Final weekend TV Ratings

TV Ratings plunge as social media increases
TV Ratings plunge as social media increases

While NFL ratings are generally on the rise this year, motorsports continues its plunge into oblivion. The motorsports leaders have done little to nothing to promote go-kart racing in high schools and colleges. As a results, 99.9999999% today's youth are not exposed to motorsports and hence the sports is dying from an aging fanbase.

Today's leaders think social media is the answer. The more the sport and it's participants use social media the faster the TV ratings decline and sponsors run for the exits.

Network Event Location Total
% Chg
NBC NASCAR Cup Race L Phoenix 3,307,000 670,000 2.03 2.24 -16.4%
NBC NASCAR Xfinity Race L Phoenix 1,391,000 263,000 0.91 1.01 -9.9%
ESPN2 F1 Race L Brazil 461,000 136,000 0.30 0.33 -9.1%
FS1 NHRA Finals L Pomona TBD TBD TBD 0.20

L = Live Broadcast

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