Possible 2 new IndyCar teams for 2010

UPDATE Newly Incubated Indy Team 2010 – sponsorships now available

Newly formed Indy Team incubated from the league to provide market value for sponsors and development of drivers and chassis is now open for sponsorships. This will be a spotlighted team including a reality program and more.

Unique inside track opportunities, and team naming for your group with exclusive marketing rights

This team will feature a named race event, official product and highlighted in the press and media programming. 5 to 1 ROI is a minimum of anticipated return.

For information on how to participate in this great program please contact Steve at motivracing.com

10/09/09 We spoke to a former Atlantic team owner today in Homestead who thinks he is on target to field an IndyCar team in 2010 and the driver will not need to bring money. Sworn to secrecy, we will reveal more when we can. – -Scott Morris reporting from Homestead

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