3 cars for NHLR?

Question: I read that Newman/Haas/Lanigan Racing is close to signing Doornbos and is seeking sponsors to recruit Bourdais. If this were true, and if either case is to carry out, what would be the future of Graham Rahal? Will he go to his father's team? (Marco, Catania, Italy)

Answer: Reports out of Europe have Doornbos all but signed with NHLR, and I'm sure the team is working hard to put something together for Bourdais. If the latter happens, it will be a three-car team as Graham is signed for 2009. Indy Star

[Editor's Note: Won't happen. The team has told us repeatedly there is no room in their shop for a 3-car team. They have been rumored to be running 3 cars for 10 straight years and it has yet to happen.]

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