Wealthy Mexican eyes Honda purchase

(GMM) As the Honda Motor Company pushes for a buyer, a list of potential saviors of the Brackley based formula one team is becoming ever clearer.

It is already known that Prodrive's David Richards, who ran the Benetton and BAR teams in the past, has travelled to the Middle East for talks with investors.

Carlos Slim

But another serious candidate is Carlos Slim, a Mexican billionaire who is the second richest man in the world.

68-year-old Slim, who controls the telecommunications company Telmex, gave the game away when he visited the embattled team's UK headquarters last week.

His helicopter, displaying his official crest, was too big to be landed on the helipad, so the team had to clear the carpark, the British newspaper The Sun reported.

A takeover by Slim would boost the chances of GP2 driver Bruno Senna, who is backed by the Telmex subsidiary Embratel.

It is also believed that Force India's Vijay Mallya has expressed an interest in the team, as has a Swiss hedge fund and Greek shipping tycoon Achilleas Kallakis.

Team chief executive Nick Fry said: "We have had a high level of interest in the team since Honda announced their withdrawal from formula one.

"Work on the build of our 2009 car continues to ensure our objective of being on the grid at Melbourne in March will be achieved."

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