Mansells to run LeMans series in LMP1

Nigel Mansell has given the Ginetta-Zytek LMP1 machine a big thumbs up after testing alongside the slower of his two sons, Leo, and STRAKKA Racing pair Nick Leventis and Peter Hardman at Valencia.

While younger brother Greg looks set to continue his single-seater career with Ultimate Signature in the World Series by Renault, Leo – who hasn't shown the same open-wheel potential – looks set to move to sportscars, in either the European or American Le Mans Series.

"I want to race again, especially with Leo – maybe Greg, too – but it's going to be a commercial decision," he told Britain's Telegraph newspaper after the Estoril test, ""My heart says go for it, but my head says 'hold on, it's a tough environment, who's going to pay for it?'.

"We're testing tires with a great little team, but it's under-resourced, and to take on the big teams we would need some serious funding. Am I coming back to race? It's not that simple. I've been impressed by Leo – surprised, even – and the car is great to drive. But to tell you now that we're coming back, that would be too early. There's a lot of thinking to do."

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