Webber could face charges for bike crash

UPDATE This rumor is downgraded to 'false'. Charges will not be laid against Mark Webber following the Australian driver's cycling crash last week, Tasmanian police have confirmed.

Inspector Glen Woolley was quoted by a local newspaper on Thursday as suggesting either the formula one driver, or the driver of the four-wheel drive vehicle that struck his mountain bike head-on, could be charged with a traffic offence and summoned to court.

But in a subsequent statement, Tasmania Police said that while an investigation into the crash is ongoing, charges will not be laid.

Red Bull driver Webber, 32, is still recovering from surgery on the two broken bones in his right leg in a Hobart hospital, but is targeting a return to his single seater in February.

"At the moment there is pressure and swelling whenever I stand up.

"There is talk it will be like that for the next two or three weeks and come the first week of February we should be on target for me to be able to walk unaided," he told the BBC.

11/27/08 (GMM) Tasmanian police could charge the injured Mark Webber, if it is found the Australian formula one driver caused his head-on cycling crash with a four-wheel drive on a public road last weekend.

The 32-year-old Red Bull racer is still recovering from surgery for his badly broken right leg in a Hobart hospital, but the local newspaper The Mercury said police were considering formal charges either against Webber or the driver of the car.

Inspector Glen Woolley confirmed: "We must look at the criminality of it to determine whether or not there was a statutory offence — a traffic offence."

He said it is possible that charges will be laid against "the driver or the bike rider".

"It could be (for) inattention or fail to keep left. We look at the criminality of it," Woolley added.

He explained that, should Webber be charged, he would receive a summons to court.

Geoff Donohue, director of the outdoor adventure challenge and involved with the driver's management, defended Webber.

"He's been a wonderful ambassador to the state, taking the message of Tasmania globally," he said.

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