Final Weekend TV Ratings

Final TV ratings from last weekend saw NBCSN deliver yet another gut punch to NASCAR with ratings down over 20% in just one year, despite Dale Earnhardt Jr. in the booth. Does not matter who they put in that booth, if your race is on NBCSN your TV ratings are going to plummet and eventually you will no longer be a financially viable entity.

Network Event Location Day Total
% Chg
NBCSN NASCAR Cup Race (L) New Hampshire Sun 2,497,000 551,000 1.53 1.95 -21.5%
NBCSN NASCAR Xfinity Race (L) New Hampshire Sat 1,017,000 177,000 0.68 0.77 -11.7%
FOX NHRA Finals (L) Denver Sun 875,000 208,000 0.61 0.55 +10.9%
ESPN2 F1 Race (L) Germany Sun 535,000 158,000 0.35 *No Race N/A

* No race last year but if there was, it would have been on NBCSN and the ratings would be up significantly this year on ESPN2.

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