NASCAR to ban testing?

UPDATE A decision on a new NASCAR testing policy should come soon as the sanctioning body looks at cutting costs, NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France said Tuesday in discussing issues facing the sport.

“We're going to need to react to that quickly because the budgets are being set for each team," France said. “So we'll not waste any time on that. … [We will] be as aggressive as we can to take cost out of the system."

“The reduction of the number of events is not practical," France said. “We have contracts in place and historically important events. Where would you choose? They're all successful in one form or another, so that would not be possible."

“When someone is dominant like Jimmie has been, it's easier to want to revise some system that would somehow pull him back from being so dominant and make it a closer points battle," France said. “But that … wouldn't even be right.

“But secondly, it misses the point. We have a system that, if everybody performs well, we have more people that have a shot at the championship down the stretch. That's undeniable. You have to make the Chase in the first place. … As history will unfold, we'll have a period of years where someone will be as dominant as Jimmie, and it will go down in the history books. Then there will be other years where that won't happen, and we'll have a number of years of historically tight championship battles."

11/10/08 NASCAR executives are moving toward perhaps a virtual ban on all testing through the early months of 2009, until the economy settles down, according to NASCAR teams. That's a reversal of the plan just a few months ago to open up testing for 24 days per team at Sprint Cup tour tracks. Currently teams can test en masse at seven official NASCAR tests at Cup tour speedways. And teams can test anywhere else at any time. NASCAR could bar teams from testing at any NASCAR-sanctioned tracks, such as Kentucky. Winston Salem Journal

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