HOF team may be forced to merge to survive

Hall of Fame Racing doesn’t have a full-time driver for the rest of 2008, and the team is looking at a variety of options for 2009 on both who will drive and how many cars the team will have.

Those options include a possible merger/acquisition of another team, Hall of Fame Racing co-owner Tom Garfinkel said Saturday.

“There’s just about everything you can imagine going on in this garage, people talking to people," Garfinkel said in the Bristol Motor Speedway garage. “The funny thing is that the rumors that I hear we’re involved with we’re not and the ones I don’t hear about are the ones [we’re talking with].

“We’re evaluating all our options for next year … to be able to build a great team and be competitive in the future."

Garfinkel said the team would like to stay with Toyota but it might change depending on what happens.

“As we look at other teams’ situations, some of them require different manufacturers and we’re having those conversations as well," Garfinkel said. Scenedaily.com

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