NJ track could replace Loudon

DMG President Roger Edmondson responded to rampant reports that AMA Pro Racing would run at Loudon and Watkins Glen with the following statement, issued in response to questions from roadracingworld.com:

"There is no intent on our part to return to Loudon absent significant changes, as called for by almost every responsible member of our community. The implication that there is a unilateral attempt to do so by DMG is false and is not based in fact. To be willing to hear a presentation on how it could be done, to consider what changes could or would be made, is just common courtesy and a willingness to look to the future while remembering the heritage of one of the oldest motorcycle events in our country.

"There have also been reports of our intent to add Watkins Glen to our schedule. My preliminary view is that the challenges cannot be overcome, but once we have the transition from AMA to DMG complete, Colin Fraser and Bill Syfan will continue their work with the Rider Safety Committee and if asked to review Watkins Glen, will schedule a site visit and evaluation.

"Right now there is a new facility in New Jersey that will be ready for 2009, a new track coming on line soon in the Houston area that shows promise, and another one in North Carolina. All of these facilities will be judged on a criteria that includes safety, location, sponsor and spectator interest, and finally, the ability of our sport to afford additional events." Racingworld.com

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