Sepang may follow Qatar’s lead in running night race

UPDATE The Malaysian Grand Prix will most likely be raced at night next season Bernie Ecclestone told reporters at Sepang on Sunday. The Formula 1 boss has said the organizers of the Malaysian Grand Prix agreed to start the race after 7pm.

In order to boost the European television viewers Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone is trying to get as many night races as possible in Asia and Australia. The organizers of the Australian Grand Prix said last week they were not willing to start at night and might lose their place on the Formula One calendar.

"The organizers here in Malaysia know it is necessary, both to attract television audiences in Europe and the public here,'' Ecclestone said at Sepang. "It will be very good for the people in Malaysia and anyone coming to visit the race as it will be very exciting.'"

12/24/07 Since Qatar will host the first MotoGP race at night in 2008, organizers of the Malaysian MotoGP race are interested in running a night race, according to Dorna boss Carmelo Ezpeleta.

"Malaysia are thinking about (night racing) too, at Sepang," Ezpeleta told Motosprint. "They are very interested in making this investment as well."

"Since we first signed the contract with Qatar, I explained my worries, which were mostly about the great heat," he said. "And the government told us 'why don't we race at night?'

"The race can now be held on Sunday prime time and that's ideal. And then, by being at night, this event becomes very fascinating and it becomes something prestigious for the country."

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