Auto Club Speedway to be reconfigured

UPDATE A senior spokesman for track operator International Speedway Corp. said Wednesday that there are no plans to turn Auto Club Speedway into a restrictor-plate configuration or otherwise modify the layout of the 2.0-mile facility.

02/27/08 The Fontana Auto Club (formerly California) Speedway facility needs to do something to change its image. Rebuilding the racing surface to make it a new version of Talladega or Daytona would brings loads of attention and far better action on the track. Of course, there are some issues, like money. We're talking millions of dollars to reconfigure the racetrack. Texas Motor Speedway rebuilt its 1.5-mile oval in 1998 at a cost of $3 million. The cost of this project would double that amount, at least. The price tag to do it might be as high as $10 million. Not cheap, but goodness knows ISC can afford it. And Fontana officials may need to rebuild the turns anyway because of the water seepage issues that caused problems last weekend. But plate racing is NASCAR's version of torture for many drivers. They hate racing in large packs inches apart with little throttle response from the choked-down engines. However, it is exciting to watch, which is why many fans can't wait to see every plate event. Tell the people in Southern California they have the modern version of Talladega and you have something to sell. Auto Club Speedway, which hasn't managed to sell out its two Cup races, needs a dramatic change. There's nothing more dramatic in NASCAR than restrictor-plate racing. More at

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