Cosworth out of racing business?

UPDATE #4 In efforts to ensure Cosworth's survival for future racing opportunities, 20-plus Cosworth employees were let go yesterday. These were primarily people who looked after Champ Car affairs.

02/27/08 We hear there was a sizable layoff at Cosworth yesterday, so the rumor that Cosworth may rebuild the Honda engines appears to be bogus.

02/23/08 This rumor is downgraded to 'speculation' today as we hear that Penske is now gone from Ilmor and Cosworth may indeed be rebuilding Honda engines for the IRL.

02/23/08 Hearing that Cosworth may do Honda IRL engine rebuilds. Currently Roger Penske's Ilmor is doing them. If true this would keep Cosworth in racing.

02/22/08 According to sources, at the conclusion of the final Long Beach Champ Car race in April, Cosworth as you know it will no longer exist. At that point it will become irrelevant what engine package the new series chooses.

If the loss of Champ Car/IRL business comes to fruition, Cosworth will indeed suffer again like it did when it lost the F1 contract. End result: more layoffs, and a further distancing from anything motor sport related.

Will Cosworth survive? Maybe; however, it will more than likely look nothing like it did when the people who worked there helped to establish the name.

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