Was Stepney paid for Ferrari secrets?

(GMM) The criminal case against alleged formula one conspirator Nigel Stepney has continued to exacerbate.

Reports now suggest that Italian prosecutors, investigating Michael Schumacher's sacked former mechanic for espionage and sabotage, believe that Stepney may have received payments from McLaren for the nearly 800-pages of secret Ferrari material.

Britain's Daily Mail reported on Monday that Italian police "were trawling through (Stepney's) bank accounts" in Italy and the UK.

Previously, it was understood that Stepney had sent the reams of sensitive information to McLaren's Mike Coughlan because they were attempting to bolster their knowledge before defecting to Honda.

Meanwhile, La Gazzetta dello Sport has published more detail about the supposed contents of the package sent by Stepney.

As well as car and component blueprints was grand prix data, telemetry as recent as from races this year, and information about the F2007's tire behavior, engine management, and much more.

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